Om Design

Simple . Sustainable . Affordable

We are a design/build company.  A project to us is not only what we design but the way we will approach it, with an emphasis on synergy.  We develop projects and create design for a wide range of clients from contractors, to homeowners to growing businesses.  We are LEED accredited and tailor sustainability into our design in a way that makes sense to each client.

The ability to handle design in-house allows us to cut costs dramatically by creating dynamic design which factors in not only the owner’s vision but the availabilities and capabilities of material and people in the given place and time. The key to our philosophy is communication, understanding the human beings involved and what it is they are setting out to do. In Austin, Texas, a client approached us with an impossible budget and a love for Frank Lloyd Wright.  We built him a house for under forty dollars per square foot and left him with architecture students knocking on his door.   In Carmel, California, a client wanted to take a small bar location and maximize it.  We built AW Shuck’s, an oyster bar designed to feel like an aquarium.  Another client wanted to open a blues bar in Folsom, California. The western eclectic warehouse we created there not only houses a profitable business but has been voted the best blues bar in the greater Sacramento area every year since the doors opened.  We don’t run those businesses; we just understood what the client was talking about and what it would take to get there in a world of scarce resources. It’s the difference a professional can make.



Our experience in the field has taught us what it takes to get a project done, primarily to get everybody on the same page and get a set of complete and easy to read plans into the hands of a good contractor. We do our drawings for the person doing the work. Information is laid out not where it looks best but where the person who needs it is most likely to begin the search. Our details are based on the way you like to build. When changes arise during the project, we get them done, usually overnight, and ready to go so you can get back to work.

JW Hall

 We’ll be the first ones to tell you that if you are building a dream house and the resources are unlimited, hire an architect.  But if your dream is firmly rooted in reality, we designed our system to meet the needs of contractors, small business owners and people building their first or second home.  We are Building Designers and our methods are based on hands-on experience and born out of the need for cost-effective, time sensitive, beautiful design that places the art of building ahead of the artists.  We use tried and true methods and materials and weigh the cost of our design elements before we submit them to you as a plan.  

Our Tools

Using a variety of applications, we build a model of the project and generate a 3D model to communicate the visions that we share. Once the conceptual design is completed, we create construction drawings in a a matter of days and can even provide an estimate of the project when requested.


Our desktop is just  a few mouse clicks aways.  This means you have more input and less travel.  There are times for a face to face meeting but when you want to know what a gable roof might look like over an entry or what could be saved on the square footage by deleting a bedroom, checking in between dinner and bedtime means more time to dream.


Means you get to see it before it’s built.   


It’s a simple tool but for home design it’s magic.  When we update the plans, the working copy is updated on everyone's computer, tablet and iPhone.  We’re all on the same page and communication is simple and accurate. We draw for the people working in the field and we respect their input. If a simple idea arises to improve the project we can get you both copies and get the project moving.  We don’t deliver because the plans are already in your hands.


Building Department?  We are there when you need us with the resources in our hands to meet changing conditions.



Whether you’re a contractor or this is your first home, we can provide you with the knowledge and the tools you need to make your vision a reality