Om Design

Simple . Sustainable . Affordable

We are a design/build company.  A project to us is not only what we design but the way we will approach it, with an emphasis on synergy.  We develop projects and create design for a wide range of clients from contractors, to homeowners to growing businesses.  We are LEED accredited and tailor sustainability into our design in a way that makes sense to each client.

The ability to handle design in-house allows us to cut costs dramatically by creating dynamic design which factors in not only the owner’s vision but the availabilities and capabilities of material and people in the given place and time. The key to our philosophy is communication, understanding the human beings involved and what it is they are setting out to do. In Austin, Texas, a client approached us with an impossible budget and a love for Frank Lloyd Wright.  We built him a house for under forty dollars per square foot and left him with architecture students knocking on his door.   In Carmel, California, a client wanted to take a small bar location and maximize it.  We built AW Shuck’s, an oyster bar designed to feel like an aquarium.  Another client wanted to open a blues bar in Folsom, California. The western eclectic warehouse we created there not only houses a profitable business but has been voted the best blues bar in the greater Sacramento area every year since the doors opened.  We don’t run those businesses; we just understood what the client was talking about and what it would take to get there in a world of scarce resources. It’s the difference a professional can make.

You want it built. You have to be able to afford it. And you want it on time. That's why you hire a designer. Underlying all of that is the simple fact that every building in the world represents somebody's dream. Shelter may be the second great human need after food but a building should be a little more than a roof and four walls. It ought to have style and it ought to last.  A good designer/builder knows how to care for a person's dream with integrity.

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Om Design    

We are a small and attentive Design/Build company built around a few simple ideas:

  • A home is an expression of a life
  • A building is an aspect of a community
  • A house should reflect how we want to live
  • Sustainability and Affordability should coexist

Our focus is on custom homes, renovations, commercial remodels, and small projects.
We can provide you with a set of plans to carry out your project on your own, permit the project for your contractor, or handle construction from start to finish


We are a full service design firm specializing in residential and light commercial construction in Northern California and providing affordable, inspired design nationwide.  We bring 22 years of experience in design and construction to focus on your project.

New Home Design
We design new homes. Beginning with a visit to the site, we exchange ideas with you and follow them through to the completion of a new home via an inspired, dynamic and affordable custom design.

Renovation, Addition, and Remodel Design
Beginning with a meeting in your home the way it is now, we help you seek out what is missing, and what perhaps could be removed and help you create a new vision of the building.  We specialize in making your home fit the way you want to live.

Light Commercial Design
We create a space to do business in by providing you with a design that reflects your vision of a better way to do things, and one that highlights why you are better than the competition.

Interior Design
By focusing on detail your home can be transformed into a reflection of your dreams – a personal, attractive, functional space.

One-Time Consultation
We meet with you on-site, help you to visualize your ideas and create an outline that will guide you in your decisions as to the direction your project will go.  We help you explore your options and provide you with drawings with enough detail that you can communicate them to your contractor.

Drafting and CADD modeling
Where you already have your own plan, we create a complete set of drawings and construction documents, and offer site planning to development of a whole house design. If desired, we create a 3D model of your project, which you can tour to see the space as you would experience it from the inside. We can also create a central web archive for your project to serve as an instantly available resource for anyone involved or interested in your project.

Planning and Permitting
We get your permits for you or guide you through the process.  Where required, we offer the services of our planner, who can deal with the local jurisdiction to obtain variances, subdivisions, or sort out any complications that might arise.

Project Budgeting
For most of our clients, home or business is their single largest investment. We provide a set of cost benchmarks, a project budget, and guide you through the process of building your project while avoiding the pitfalls.

We build your project from start to finish and deliver it to you at the balance of cost and materials that you desire.

Project Management
By working with you and your contractors on-site, we ensure that your project proceeds according to plan.

We provide the professional experts that may be needed to attain your vision.