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Simple . Sustainable . Affordable

We are a design/build company.  A project to us is not only what we design but the way we will approach it, with an emphasis on synergy.  We develop projects and create design for a wide range of clients from contractors, to homeowners to growing businesses.  We are LEED accredited and tailor sustainability into our design in a way that makes sense to each client.

The ability to handle design in-house allows us to cut costs dramatically by creating dynamic design which factors in not only the owner’s vision but the availabilities and capabilities of material and people in the given place and time. The key to our philosophy is communication, understanding the human beings involved and what it is they are setting out to do. In Austin, Texas, a client approached us with an impossible budget and a love for Frank Lloyd Wright.  We built him a house for under forty dollars per square foot and left him with architecture students knocking on his door.   In Carmel, California, a client wanted to take a small bar location and maximize it.  We built AW Shuck’s, an oyster bar designed to feel like an aquarium.  Another client wanted to open a blues bar in Folsom, California. The western eclectic warehouse we created there not only houses a profitable business but has been voted the best blues bar in the greater Sacramento area every year since the doors opened.  We don’t run those businesses; we just understood what the client was talking about and what it would take to get there in a world of scarce resources. It’s the difference a professional can make.

Principal Designer


Joseph Hall
Joseph W Hall, began by framing houses in California, in 1984. He has lived and worked in Austin Texas, California, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, New Mexico, London, and Paris. He majored in English at Bradley University and was named America’s Best Poet of the Working Class By PAJA, Pittsburgh in 1990. The cost of tuition necessitated the creation of JW Hall Design/Build which evolved into Om Design and has thus far resulted in 23 years spent in all phases of residential and light commercial consruction and design. As a designer, he draws on over two decades of hands on experience in rough framing, trim carpentry, general contracting, home building and cabinet making.  He is a LEED accredited designer/builder, an avid cyclist and Zen Priest.


June 16th, 2018

Hal Wahlers
HW Wahlers
5293 FM 306
New Braunfels, TX 78132

To anyone who is serious about building,

I am the Owner of HW Wahlers, a general contracting firm specializing in building dental clinics.  Since we are at the top of our field, I have had the good fortune to build a team from the best people I could find and the first step of every project we take on is to call in Om Design.  Our clients are demanding and our clock starts ticking the moment the building lease is signed and on our projects there is no margin for delay.  After working with a number of Architects and Designers, we finally found the person who gets the simple fact that we need to get to work.

We get what we ask for from Om Design.  Preliminary drawings are created within 24-72 hours and Joe works with the rest of the team to collect their input and get their specifications on the drawings to reduce our costs.  When the schedule gets tight, which is the way we operate, Joe works nights and weekends to keep the project on track and finds solutions wherever problems arise.  Our plans are submitted to multiple jurisdictions and each plan is adapted to each city so that the approval process is smooth and reliable.  Joe collects our input on and thinks the project out to deliver the kind of drawings that expedite our work in the field.  What we get is a simple set of plans that give us the information we need to know without the need to scratch our heads.  

When I present a contract to a client, one thing I don’t worry about is how to get the project of the ground.  If you are a contractor and recognize the value of this statement, I suggest that you call the guy who gave you this letter and put him on your team.  


Hal Wahlers
HW Wahlers, Inc.


May 22nd, 2018

Lee Globus
5012 Upton Ave. S. 
Minneapolis, MN

C/O JW Hall Design/Build
12100 Skyline Blvd
Los Gatos, CA 95O33

To Whom it May Concern,

JW Hall Design/Build Renovated from our Home in Minneapolis, MN in 2006 from design to completion. The project included a second story addition and redesigning the appearance and style of our home.

Our home, built in 1908, was originally constructed as an affordable home in a working class neighborhood, however, as the years have passed that neighborhood has taken on an entirely new character. Joe approached our project attentively and understood exactly what we were looking for. He created an Arts & Crafts Bungalow that looks as though it has always been there. Once we were ready to proceed, JW Hall Design/Build was completely dedicated to the construction of our home. The quality of construction, attention to detail, and the attentiveness to our vision throughout the project exceeded our expectations.

I recommend JW Hall Design/Build without reservation. 

Lee Globus


March 11, 2019

To whom it may concern,

I have repeatedly used the services of Joe Hall. He is skilled in all facets of design & construction, is punctual,  and manages his crew effectively. He has successfully managed the following jobs to my total satisfaction:

8999 Greenback Ln., Orangevale, CA - $400,000 Victorian Mansion
Ocean Ave. Carmel, CA – A.W.Shucks - $300,000 Specialty Bar
614 Sutter St., Folsom, CA – PowerHouse Pub $500,000 complete renovation for 8000 sq ft nightclub
614 Sutter St., Folsom, CA – Scarlett's $300,000 complete renovation for 1500 sq ft specialty bar

Thank you,

Murray Weaver 


Aug 8, 2018

My house was designed and built by Joseph Hall and far exceeded my expectations.  When I showed Joe my original plan, he asked me if it was what I really wanted and I told him it was all I could afford.  Joe then asked me what I really wanted and I told him that I like Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas but not his budget.  Joe designed and built a FLW Usonian style house on my lot for $40.00/ Square foot and architecture professors send their students to my home to see what’s possible.  If you have a dream and a limited budget.  I encourage you to work with Om Design.

Jeff Price